“Bitch” is used to describe someone who uses their femininity in an abusive way with an intent to harm. It is a form of maliciousness that can only be expressed through the feminine principle.


 “Bitch” is also a word used to control women. By calling someone a “bitch” that person claims a woman is acting in a vindictive, malicious, way. But people often say this just because a female is exerting her own power. The same tasks asked of by a man take on a different tone when asked by a woman simply because of how energy gets expressed as it uses feminine pathways. Instead of working with the feminine energy directed at them, the difference in energy feels so unfamiliar and uncomfortable that people lash out at against it like a cornered animal.


Going all the way back to 1000 AD, “bitch,” with origins in Old English and Old Norse was a word used to describe a female dog. A pejorative since at least the 14th century, calling a woman a “bitch” meant that she was as sensual or as promiscuous as a dog in heat.


SO YOU KNOW WHAT??? Female dogs are awesome. They are loyal and wonderful. They demonstrate courage, tenacity, sincerity, and love. I am proud to be named after them. * I am comfortable with my sexuality. I am not afraid to express my femininity through my body and the mysteries it holds through sex and magic of childbirth. * If I stand in my own energy and power without any malice and you are uncomfortable with it, it's not my problem. * If you want to call me a “bitch” because I fully embrace myself as a woman and have no need to censor myself, that is your problem, not mine. I am not apologizing for my femininity and the power that comes through me. I am not worrying about how easy it is to bruise your ego and will not play “nice” so you can feel more comfortable around me. * So continue calling me a “bitch,” call me all you want, I and my empowered sisters will only be proud of the title and take it as a compliment. #proudtobeabitch

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