• COVID & Crystal Supply Disruption

    COVID & Crystal Supply Disruption

    Due to COVID, the supply chains for crystals have been majorly disrupted.

    Most of the crystals I carry are imported from other countries, and because of personal safety or travel restrictions these suppliers are not attending the trade shows I would normally see them at (that is, if the trade show hasn't been cancelled all together.) It looks like things are going to be in limbo for some time.

    This means my ability to replenish my inventory has been severely hampered. If I look honestly at the situation, it may be years before the flow of crystals resumes fully again. Luckily, I've had quite a bit of stock in storage while I was writing the book. Most of these were crystals are rare and unusual and come in limited quantities to begin with. But this is not what I'm most concerned about.

    What I'm most concerned about is restocking the basic core crystals that are most versatile and helpful to you (like botryoidal hematite and black tourmaline.) The standards are high standards for the crystals I carry-- for their energetic power comes from being treated well as they have come out of Mother Earth. Most crystals I come across have been treated so badly that it results in energetically poor crystals. I refuse to pass on such damaged crystals, so finding quality specimens has always been more challenging-- and with COVID it has become even more challenging now.

    I want you to be aware that I may not be able to get more of the most important basic crystals for a long time. So please be aware of this crystal if you see a crystal on my site that you are strongly resonating with.

    I loathe scarcity marketing, so this message is not intended to give you a case of FOMO. I simply want to make you aware of what is happening in the global crystal economy and how it may affect your ability to acquire quality crystals from me and others into the near future.