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    Want to give someone a crystal healing related gift, but don’t know what to get?

    Here’s a gift guide to help you!

    The most practical, useful, and helpful stones you can have in your kit are the crystals of the essential three. Everyone can benefit from working with these crystals. Even if the person you’re gifting to has these stones, there is an energetic difference to the ones we carry.

    As George Wright, animal communicator says, “Even though I already had the exact same crystals, I purchased the Essential Three crystal set from Azalea’s shop because I just didn’t seem to be getting much out of the ones I had in my collection. Even just from looking at the pictures, everything Azalea had for sale felt so strong to me. It was no surprise that the crystals I received were amazing. They felt so ‘fresh’ and vibrant. They were some of the strongest crystals I had in my collection then and even now as I write this one from that original set is sitting right next to me as I type. I literally use them daily in my life...”

    After The Essential Three, selenite is the fourth most useful stone for someone's crystal kit.

    This is a great crystal for your crystal loving friends, for because of its flat surface this version of selenite is great for placing stones on top of to get them cleansed. Additionally, selenite being a crystal of divine white light energy, it does double duty by charging the crystals with energy as well.

    In this blog post I talk about the crystals I most recommend to help one's sleep.

    There are four different crystals I most recommend, all with a different tone of energy. It's best to read the blog post to find out which crystal has the best tone of energy for your friend or loved one.

    *And as I like to say, you probably know your loved one well enough to have perspective on them and know what energy would be very useful for them. So based on that, you'll do better than you think choosing a crystal for them. ;)

    Oh, how I love, love, love these flower essence formulas.  

    I often say that crystals are like braces-- they help adjust your energy over a span of time. But sometimes you need something that you can notice immediately to jump start the healing process. This is where flower essences are wonderful. I find their effect to be immediate, and they really do get the ball rolling.

    This photo is just a few of the many formulas we carry. So choose from flower essences that can help to lift your mood, flower essences to help with anxiety, flower essences to get your butt into gear... and many more.

    If the person you’re gifting for wants to learn more about crystals, and how to work with them in a truly effective way, then I would recommend my book, The Crystal Workshop: A Journey Into the Healing Power of Crystals. I wrote it especially to help people connect to crystals in a deep and truly authentic way, beyond the super basic (and frankly, not very helpful) information about crystals being shared.

    The book has a series of exercises that can connect you to the crystals so that you can perceive the metaphysical properties of the crystals all by yourself.

    You can purchase the exercise kit from the online shop, and then purchase the book online wherever books are sold. (But if you do really want to support my work, I’d appreciate it if you purchased the book through my Bookshop affiliate link.)

    Last but not least!

    A great choice if you’re not sure what to get, or don’t know what crystals you’re loved on already has! I have a huge stock of rare and fine metaphysical crystals that have been in storage while I was writing the book... and I’ll be releasing them as time goes on. So if you don’t know what to get, or you are short on time, a digital gift card​ is a great option!

    Wishing your friends and loved ones the perfect, healing gift.

    Crystal Blessings,

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