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Pyrite Sun

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Pyrite is a solar plexus manifestation stone with strong root chakra grounding energy to connect whatever one desires to manifest into the physical world as something which also honors one's root chakra needs of physical survival. - This example is of a PYRITE SUN. This version of pyrite is only found in Illinois where it grows thinly in layers of shale and coal. Ordinarily, pyrite would grow freely in clusters but because of the restricted, narrow space this pyrite grows in pyrite suns can only grow radially outwards. - Pyrite suns thus help those who need support manifesting who for some reason are in restrictive settings. - This could be from birth karma circumstances, for example, those who are born into a very difficult situations where family and cultural dynamics cause severe restriction perhaps because of poverty or being in a family with narrow definitions of what is acceptable. - The clue of how pyrite suns grow in the very grounded stones of coal and shale also gives important metaphysical information. That this pyrite grows with manifestation energy inherent within it while in between stones with extreme energies of grounding illustrates its connection to root chakra issues of survival in the physical world. So pyrite suns are also very supportive for those need assistance manifesting when they are under pressure to focus on root chakra survival needs. - Money issues are almost always root chakra issues, not navel manifestation issues. So for instance, parents who need to earn a living to support their families but yearn to follow a truer calling in their career would be well suited to use pyrite sun energy to help them continue developing their talents while still being responsible to their families. In fact, pyrite suns are great for anyone having to mind their responsibilities and further their abilities. - The energetic image I always get with pyrite suns is like a bright light coming through the gap between the door and the floor, but growing and spreading past the closed door to a point where the only thing the energy can do is blow open the door and break down the four walls keeping it. - So for those of you who are shyly and quietly keeping your talents to yourself but want to begin sharing your gifts with the world, pyrite suns are for you too!!!

The pyrite sun mine is now closed! No further specimens will be mined. Thus, what we have in stock, is all we have left of this beautiful crystal. If this crystal resonates with you, I highly recommend investing in this stone.

Sparta, Illinois

(Fits approximately within the length of a hand.)

6.4 ounces

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