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Specular Hematite / Specularite

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Water is an amazing substance, for it has an ability to carry vibrational imprints metaphysically. It is with this ability that one can make gem elixirs which is water that is infused with the vibrations of crystals and stones. One can make gem elixirs by infusing the actual stone in the water before drinking, but you must be very cautious about this because some stones are extremely poisonous and could harm you. Other stones will get damaged when you put them in water. So its best to do research before you attempt doing  your own gem elixir.

What I can recommend is using a slab of stone like this amazing SPECULAR HEMATITE. Placing a glass of water on top of this slab and making sure this glass of water gets natural sunlight while on top of the slab will infuse the water with the specular hematite energy. SPECULAR HEMATITE or SPECULARITE is dark black and grey stone that has fragments of silvery metallic hematite dispersed throughout it. The stone glitters with these flecks and some of these stones have pieces of dark red garnet imbued in it as well.

Specular hematite is a stone to help ground ones energies and connect them to Mother Earth. Specular hematite helps one be connected to Mother Earth so that information can be more clearly and deeply transmitted to you and so that you may also have the higher vibration information coming in from the crown integrated to your work on the physical plane. Specular hematite will help you to see what old patterns are holding you back and help you let go of them so that you may release destructive behaviors and environments that do not serve your higher purpose.

I got these SPECULAR HEMATITE’s in slab form so that they could be used as gem elixir creating coasters.   This one is large enough to hold a big glass of water to be infused with specularite goodness!

*I recommend adding felt adhesive padding to the bottom of your slab to prevent scratching of surfaces it's placed on.

2.6 pounds

2.6 pounds


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