Specular Hematite

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HEMATITE is an essential crystal to work with. Especially with all the changing and shifting energies of our times. 

In The Crystal Workshop: A Journey into the Healing Power of Crystals, crystal healer Azalea Lee goes into depth about the significance of hematite and how its relationship to Mother Earth’s core makes it the ultimate stone for root chakra.

No stone is more elemental in helping you ground energetically than hematite.

If you have been feeling flustered by everything that has been going on in the world-- then this is the stone that is energetically most useful to you. It will help to center and connect you to Mother Earth so you are less likely to be carried away by mental anxieties. This stone is the energetic anchor to keep you in place while the world shifts around you.

Other energetically helpful uses for hematite:

  • To calm the mind
  • To ground electronic energies
  • To help with sleeping
  • To help with jet lag
  • To help with red blood cell issues
  • To support physical recovery in severe illness
  • To connect to Mother Earth when not in nature
  • To increase intuitive capacity
  • To support prosperity
  • To support strong energetic boundaries

For more specific information on how hematite energetically helps you in the previous specific ways, see The Crystal Workshop. 23 pages of the book are devoted to the powers of hematite alone.

SPECULAR HEMATITE is a glittery version of hematite. When cut into slabs and coated in a layer of lacquer, the stone reveals its shimmer. 

While other hematites (like the botryoidal ones) are still the best form for all-around hematite energy, specular hematite is a zipper and more energetic form of hematite energy that makes it ideal for working with when someone feels like they are slogging through life, or for someone who believes day to day physical life is too boring and mundane to be dealt with. For when physical life gets very heavy, there may be an inclination to disappear into the head, into intellectual realms or fantasy. Then continuing to ignore or avoid the responsibilities and needs of one’s physical life will create a situation that becomes quite unhealthy energetically.

Thus, working with specular hematite can help. It brings grounding energy to the root chakra, but in a more lively way. So think of it as gravity, but in a lighter form. It can help you keep connected to the root chakra, but with a little bit of lift to help you through the denser physical moments of your life.

Bonus! These slabs are great to use as coasters to charge your water. Simply place a glass of water on the coaster and the hematite energy will infuse into your water. It's recommended you add some felt or other padding to the bottom of the slab so it doesn't scratch any surfaces you may place it on.

1: 8 x 10.5 x .42" / 3.01 pounds
2: 6.5 x 7.5 x .42" / 1.7 pounds
Coaster Size: approximately .7 pounds


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