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vanadinite place 8 healing


$ 90.00

As it resonates energy, dynamism, and power, VANADINITE can be described as all the best things about testosterone. It’s energy moves with resolute strength but with firm outwardly force. Thus, vanadinite energy is helpful in any situation where energy and strength are needed. This could be because one is in physical recovery after illness at the point where one is regaining strength. Energetically parallel is having more outward strength and determination to help one have more emotional confidence in moving toward their dreams. This energy can be especially helpful for those who are prone to feeling timid and shy bring more boldness to their energy, which in turn can stimulate a once hidden courage shine from within them. - This energy is ideal for both male and females, and particularly for females who could use more masculinity to increase their inner male energy to be more in balance with their femininity. - Think of the energy of this crystal as the village warrior who is just as comfortable holding the hand of a small child as he is  jumping to defend his village. If you could use more balance with the dynamic physicality and energy of male warrior energy, this stone can be helpful to you.

This specimen is insanely beautiful. We managed to get a great batch of these spectacular vanadinite with bright, large, and intensely gemmy red crystals. Quality specimens like these are highly valued. But because we got a great deal on them, we are passing the savings on to you.


72 grams


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