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barite place 8 healing


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Grounding literally means connecting yourself to the land beneath your feet and to the nourishing energy provided by Mother Earth. Metaphysically this energy goes from Mother Earth's pulse, through your feet and connecting to the root chakra which is at the base of your spine. By connecting to this energy you allow yourself to be fed by it and be in tune with the powerful flow that Mother Nature provides. - This energy is a such a verdant one and if you stop anywhere you will see this powerful energy shooting its way up through the weeds triumphantly rising through the smallest cracks in the ground. - This energy flow is continual and ever present... but we, preoccupied with our modern lives allow ourselves to become disconnected... so much so that we fear our connection with the Earth by resisting being in the messy wilds of nature, rejecting our need for our body to sleep, and forgoing nourishing foods because of our vanity. We forget that Mother Nature provides abundantly for so many ecosystems even in the harshest and most extreme places on her body. - There is always a way to survive and even more so, thrive abundantly on her if we would only trust the energy she radiates. 

Are you resisting being grounded? If so, use this dark grey colored BARITE from Iowa to help clear the path that is causing you to resist one of the greatest sources of inexhaustible energy in your life. Barites are like artery widening stents; opening and widening pathways that have been blocked. The way speakers vibrate bass clear into and through me, literally shaking me in the most pleasurably intense way is the feeling I get from barites. So use this barite to help you reconnect to the delicious power of your root chakra so that you may be fully be in your physical body and experience the fullness of the experience of being in the present.


214 grams (3.5" x 3" x 1.5")


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