Pyrite Ball Concretion

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This ball of pyrite is a concretion starting from a seed of pyrite and a little coal that collects more and more layers of pyrite as it grows. It’s very much like a seed of sand in an oyster that accumulates layers upon layers to form a pearl. So the movement of this type of pyrite speaks to something that grows over a long period of time. - I recommend this pyrite for anyone who is working on a project with no discernible ending. So this pyrite becomes especially suited for anyone working on a life long project or exploration like a life long research or growth of a career. In this way, PYRITE BALL CONCRETIONS will not show dramatic evidence in manifestation but rather incremental movement over time. The energy of this form of pyrite is like watching your nails grow… If you watch to closely it looks like nothing is happening, but if you check in every so often, you’ll see when your nails have gotten long!

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