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black tourmaline chrysocolla sphere

Black Tourmaline with Chrysocolla Sphere

$ 140.00

There are three stones that I feel are especially useful for everyone. Yesterday’s post talked about hematite; the first stone I recommend for everyone. Also in the top three is rose quartz, and today’s amazing grounding stone, BLACK TOURMALINE. - Tourmalines come out of the ground piezoelectric; a scientifically documented physical characteristic that causes tourmalines to develop poles when squeezed or put under pressure. Along its long axis, one end of the tourmaline gets a positive charge while the other end gets a negative charge. Metaphysically this piezoelectric attribute combined with the grounding affinity of black tourmaline allows this amazing stone to absorb negative energy and then transform it to positive energy. Black tourmaline is exceptional in dealing with recycling negative vibes directed toward you from other people, or even yourself and making it into something positive into your life. - Black tourmalines are willing to work very hard for you to help you absorb and process these negative energies. I’ve personally heard many stories of black tourmalines taking in so much negative energy that they suddenly exploded, sacrificing themselves in service to the human being they have come to help.

This sphere is mainly black tourmaline with flecks of chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is a sacral chakra mineral that helps clarify what emotional blockages are happening within you. So this sphere would be ideal for those who are dealing with negative energies that are especially related to one's own negative self talk.


206 grams (2" circumference)


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