Fairy Stone

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I love FAIRY STONES! These beautiful and magical stones come from Quebec where the native Algonquin Indians took the largest and most beautiful pieces they could find to serve as protectors of their home. And indeed they are wonderful stones for the home as they exude an energy of safety, relaxation, and comfort... all the attributes you would wish for in the place you call home.

In addition, you can direct these energies of safety, relaxation, and comfort of the stones to help you create the energetic space to call in a baby. In my private crystal healing sessions I have worked with people who are having difficulty bringing in a child into their lives. Often it"s because the spirit of the baby is waiting for the right conditions to come and land. Sometimes it's because the mother's energy is so full of worry that it's making it energetically inhospitable for the baby to stick. The baby spirits know this and wait patiently until their moms can settle down. That's why you so often hear the stories about people who are trying to conceive throwing in the towel and adopting... and then end up getting unexpectedly pregnant later. So these are great stones to help families create the energetic circumstances for the baby to arrive First Class!

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