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elestial quartz place 8 healing

Elestial Quartz

$ 165.00

I use elestial quartz a lot in my crystal healings, in fact it's one of my most frequently used stones because of its ability to break up old vibrational frequencies that have hardened in the aura. I call this stone the "earthquake" stone because it really shakes things up and allows people to begin shedding all the things they have been hanging on to that they no longer need anymore. It's very much like cleaning out your closet and getting rid of the stuff you just aren't going to wear anymore. It has the function of helping to loosen and purge energies that are no longer useful to you.... because who wants to be dragging around heavy energetic baggage in their aura? 

A very intense stone for someone who wants to do some real deep clearing work. Double terminated crystals connected to each other all with the elestial patterning within. This stone is meant for someone who is ready to face the storm and let it take away the things that are no longer needed. Mouse over the image for a closer look!

348 grams


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