The three essential crystals crystal healer, Azalea Lee recommends for everyone. Each one of these crystals Azalea considers essential to your crystal kit.

HEMATITE is one of those multi-purpose stones for anything related to grounding. Not only does it help strengthen energetic boundaries, but by helping to better ground one’s energy, psychic development can be enhanced. The more grounded you are, the better you can open up your psychic eye and other intuitive abilities without getting unbalanced. It's a great crystal to keep at your desk to tamp down negative electromagnetic smog.

BLACK TOURMALINE is also another stone I recommend frequently because of its ability to shift negative energy into positive or neutral energy. This can mean negative situations and thoughts sent to you from others, or even negative thoughts you send to yourself. With these situations which occur in everyday life, Black Tourmaline can help you take the energy and recycle the energy into something more beneficial and satisfying. Black Tourmaline is very helpful in protecting yourself from negative energies, living or otherwise. Also a great crystal for mitigating electromagnetic smog.

ROSE QUARTZ represents the highest vibration in the Universe, love. Every thing we do in this world, ever lesson we encounter is at its root, a lesson in love. Though we can each create unlimited amounts of love, we all could use more of it. Rose Quartz is the stone that helps us learn how to generate more love in our lives, for ourselves and others.

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