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FAMILY EASE Flower & Gem Essence Formula

FAMILY EASE Flower & Gem Essence Formula

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Gonna see the relatives soon?

Presenting, FAMILY EASE, 4 individual flower essence and gem elixir formulas aimed to smooth your energies so they are less prone to getting caught in the dramatic web of family karma!

Choose the following formula that is closest to your experience when around family.

A formula to use when your family is annoying and/or you are in a family you can not relate to.
If visiting your family is a chore because you don’t relate to them, this is the formula to use. This formula also is great for those who find their family or particular family members annoying enough that it greatly diminishes the desire of being around them or the rest of your family. It contains flower essences and crystals to help release psychic tension and resentment held around family while supporting communication with them as form of self-healing.

When interacting with families that are abusive or families or family members with a past history of abuse.
If your family has history of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, etc.,) this formula is made to help keep you from continuing to soak up the psychic negativity that permeates your family dynamic. The formula is created to help shift the negative toxicity around you and help you break free from familial patterns that do not support you.

If you suddenly turn into a different person when you’re around your family, then this is the formula for you. A formula to use when you turn crazy around your family.
If being around family seems to pull all your triggers and makes you turn into some version of the Hulk, this is would be the formula best for you. This formula is made to help you understand just why you get provoked and helps to begin releasing those tensions and resentments that trigger you.

A formula to use when family makes you feel inferior -or- the feeling of heavy judgement from family, real or imagined.
There are times in life when one is not as successful as they have hoped they would be. It’s challenging enough to hard on one’s self, but more so when having to face judgement from family. This formula has been created for those who feel the heavy weight of judgement from their own family, real or imagined. It is especially noted for use with those who have gone through recent personal challenges such as the loss of a job or divorce to ease the feelings of shame and guilt that may associated with this transition in their lives. The intention of the formula is to promote the feeling of self-esteem and self-worth that tends to be smothered when around family.

Distant - Distilled Water; Biodynamic Brandy; Flower Essences of Beech, Calendula, Chamomile, Joshua Tree, Holly, Impatiens, Oregon Grape, Quaking Grass, Willow; Gem Elixirs of *Rhodochrosite, *Rose Quartz Geode

Protection - Distilled Water; Biodynamic Brandy; Flower Essences of Black Cohosh, Calendula, Centaury, Chamomile, Evening Primrose, Joshua Tree, Holly, Pink Yarrow, Willow; Gem Elixirs of *Rhodochrosite, *Rose Quartz Geode

Offensive - Distilled Water; Biodynamic Brandy; Flower Essences of Beech, Black-Eyed Susan, Calendula, Chamomile, Chicory, Joshua Tree, Holly, Vine, Willow, Yellow Tulip Star; Gem Elixirs of *Rhodochrosite, *Rose Quartz Geode

Defensive - Distilled Water; Biodynamic Brandy; Flower Essences of Buttercup, Calendula, Chamomile, Elm, Joshua Tree, Holly, Pine, Willow; Gem Elixirs of *Rhodochrosite, *Rose Quartz Geode

*The energy in these stones holds increased healing power from being used in crystal healing sessions.

SUGGESTED USE - 3 sprays in the mouth or around the head, 2 - 3 times daily. Consistency is more important than frequency. Use whenever you are around relatives/family. But for best results, begin using at least 1 week prior to seeing them.


1 ounce

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