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Petrified Wood with Quartz Druze

Petrified Wood with Quartz Druze

$ 450.00

Tree wisdom is symbolized by its shape. Through it’s branches it reaches this sunny over world of light and the trunk of the tree, the roots represent the deep connection to Mother Earth. This movement of heaven down into Earth with the emphasis of the root securing themselves deeply into the ground is the hallmark of PETRIFIED WOOD energy. Because of this, PETRIFIED WOOD is one of the greatest mineral teachers in the deep and important lesson of grounding.

For more metaphysical information on PETRIFIED WOOD, click here.

We have managed to get some exceptional pieces of PETRIFIED WOOD from a locality in Saxony, Germany. These 35 million year old specimens have finely detailed in texture and colored a rich velvety brown. Portions of the wood covered in a dense and gemmy quartz druze. Compared to other localities, these are exceptionally well-defined examples of petrified wood. *There are no more specimens available from this locality as the site has flooded over.* An incredible specimen of exquisite detail for petrified wood collectors and a stone of intense energetic wisdom for metaphysical crystal enthusiasts.

Zwenkau, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

350 grams (Cabinet Size)


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