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fuchsite phantom quartz madagasgar place 8 healing

Fuchsite Quartz

$ 345.00

FUCHSITE QUARTZ is an incredible stone for creating peace and community among a group of people. It helps those in this group find understanding to one another, smoothing the pathway for communication in relationships. These quartzes would be ideal in an office, family home, or anywhere else where loving group cohesion is important.

Fuchsite Quartz is very rare. Only one pocket of the quartz was found and completely mined out. No more of this type of quartz has been found. - With the mine source exhausted and years of searching I did not think I would find more. But as luck would have it, I accidentally stumbled upon these gorgeous and remarkably glassy specimens with exceptionally clear and distinct seafoam green phantoms. The photos do not do these specimens justice, so if you want further proof of their beauty, I encourage you to come see them in person at the Place 8 Healing showroom to see how breathtaking they are. - An exceptional and rare piece from the perspective of the mineral collector and a vibrationally unique piece for metaphysical crystal aficionados.


94 grams


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