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Lavender Fluorite

$ 295.00

For those of you juggling multiple projects or any other activity where you have many ideas to sort out at the same time, try using the calming energies found in the gentle undulations of botryoidal LAVENDER FLUORITE to assist you in clarifying your thoughts. Just like you would use a detangler to help untangle your hair so that it's easier to work with, this stone is the "detangler for the mind." The energy of this stone is especially useful for writers and other creatives who need help organizing and clarifying ideas and then helping to establish a sense of direction when there is multitude of ideas to work from. This is even a great stone, e.g. attorneys, trying to understand an event or problem intellectually dense with tangled information like.  It's essentially a stone for those of you who could  use assistance calming and clarifying a mind with a lot of information to sort out. 

An amazing specimen; the largest piece in our inventory available for sale. We have not been able to find more lavender fluorite of this quality in some time, and especially not in this size. And excellent stone as a lifelong writing companion or other person with many ideas to straighten out.

Xianghaupu, Hunan Province, China

3 pounds 11 ounces

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