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natural citrine place 8 healing


$ 175.00

Most citrine's available are actually heat-treated amethyst. This artificial treatment shifts the metaphysical energy of citrine in a detrimental way. 

At Place 8 Healing we sell raw specimens that have had no artificial treatments. Natural citrine is actually quite rare.

Citrine belongs to the quartz family of crystals and helps to turbo boost any energies of manifestation wether it be for a new home, job, a child, or anything other ephemeral idea one wants to bring into physical reality.


This citrine specimen fits very well into the hand. It contains one main citrine crystal surrounded and supported by smaller citrine crystals all along its circumference. This will be an amazing citrine crystal for healing and manifestation work. Though it is not specifically scepter in shape, it has scepter like properties to condense and intensify any manifestation programed into the stone.

Lewena, Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo 

120.8 grams


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