Pyritized Ammonite

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These ammonites lived in the Jurassic Age 136 million years ago. Steeped in a marine sediment, their decaying bodies released sulfide that reacted to dissolved iron in the water creating iron sulfide. Replacing the carbonate shell that was leeching into the surrounding water was PYRITE, an iron sulfide. Thus this beautiful ammonite had a itself transformed into a golden body over this time. - It’s something to remember, the transformation over time, and much like its modern day relative, the nautilus, the inside of these ammonite shells dramatically reveal the demonstration of the Phi, or the Golden Mean. - In sacred geometry, the Golden Mean demonstrates a numeric harmonic which is repeated in patterns throughout nature from the spiral arrangement on leaves to the proportions of spirals on hurricanes and galaxies. Even the bones of your fingers sing the sacred geometry of the Golden Mean as each section of our fingers (tip of the finger to first knuckle, first knuckle to second knuckle, etc.) follows the phi ratio as 1.618 times longer than the last. This is why the work of Le Corbusier is so enthralling, because he created his architecture with Golden Mean proportions in mind. - A cross section of an ammonite or nautilus shows this universal progression with each section 1.618 times larger than the last. Both the ammonite and nautilus use the largest section to be their most current home where their body is while the closed sections behind them hold the sections they lived. So they continue to grow outward in a rhythm in tune with the harmonics of the universe. - How many of us need to learn this as we move forward through the creation of our lives, that in every project in our life there is the perfect time and space to become? So many of us are trying to manifest before it is time creating chapters of our lives like under baked cake layers leaving us wondering why things are just aren’t working. We have this impression that somehow we can out maneuver or out smart time because our ambitions are so powerful. But we need to know that the Universe has this harmonic embedded deeply within it and we just listen and dance in time with its music, what is meant to manifest through will and resonating with the deepest beauty of the universe.

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