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Smudging Set - Sage, Sweetgrass, & Palo Santo

Smudging Set - Sage, Sweetgrass, & Palo Santo

$ 25.00

Like crystals, smudges, even of the same type, are not all the same. Like crystals, the quality of the smudge matters greatly and is dependent on how lovingly the smudge was grown and harvested. We are thrilled to have sourced some incredible smudges to bring to you in a three piece kit to use with your crystals and other ceremonies.

A smudge used for cleansing and clearing. This sage has been wildcrafted by a person who this plant is their personal teacher.

Sweetgrass is used for welcoming positive energies into a space. This sweetgrass has been grown and harvested by a Native American of the Chippewa tribe who was called by the plant for years in dreams to grow it.

The wood of the palo santo tree is an ideal smudge to work with when bringing sanctity and gravity to ceremonies. Because the original harvester of the wood is unknown the palo santo has been placed in a crystal grid to cleanse and charge it.

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