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INTUITION CONNECTION Flower & Gem Essence Formula

INTUITION CONNECTION Flower & Gem Essence Formula

$ 30.00

Combining the alchemical energies of 11 crystals and flowers, this formula supports intuitive development by increasing capacity to receive psychic information while remaining balanced and grounded through the heart. It strengthens discernment of psychic impressions and deepens awareness of higher protective forces.

Distilled Water; Biodynamic Brandy; Flower Essences of: Angelica, Star Tulip, Lotus, Mugwort, California Poppy, Canyon Dudleya; Gem Elixirs of: *Naica Selenite, *Rose Quartz, *Tumbled Hematite, *Specular Hematite, *Congo Hematite (*The energy in these stones holds increased healing power from being used in crystal healing sessions.)

3 sprays in the mouth or around the head 2-3 times daily. Consistency is more important than frequency.

1 ounce

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