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the relax pack hematite lepidolite girasol place 8 healing

The Relax Pack

$ 115.00

Our modern times are a very mental age. In this chapter of our humanity we are pursuing knowledge at such an exponential rate. What we now know multiples faster and faster and where before human knowledge doubled every century, at this moment it is doubling every year and getting ever faster. Further, our modern lives become even more disconnected living lives that are regulated by the cogs of machines rather than our connection to the rhythms of Mother Earth. Without this connection to Mother Earth, our minds become like balloons, completely untied, floating away, getting tossed about. So what to do?

First order of business is to get grounded. The more grounded you are, the more your mind will be able to relax. HEMATITE is a master crystal to help you with this. To calm the mind, bring LEPIDOLITE into your energy field. Lepidolite helps the mind level out from the continuous see-saw it gets into when it’s ungrounded. And then bring GIRASOL QUARTZ that brings a soft energy to the crown chakra like the diffused light that comes through the early morning on a misty day.

The combination of these three crystals is synergistic in it’s ability to help bring relaxation for the mind.
I’ve created this so that in addition to using the tumbled stones as pocket stones, the tumbled stones can also be placed in the bath to infuse the energies of the bathwater to promote relaxation. So once the mind can unwind, the body will then have permission to unwind too.

This set is great for those of you who tend to live whirlwind lives and need some help to center and relax AND/OR those of you who could use assistance from stepping down from mental anxieties. Or it's just a great set of stones to use to unwind from a challenging day!

HEMATITE - Morocco

Due to the unique nature of minerals, your set will individually vary in shape, but will be roughly the same size of what is shown in the photo.


Roughly .5 pounds


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