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Black Tourmaline

$ 90.00

Black Tourmaline is a root chakra stone and one of the top three stones I recommend for everyone! One of the penultimate grounding stones, it is both piezo and pyroelectric, meaning it develops a charge through squeezing or temperature change developing electromagnetic poles in the process. This ability to polarize is significant to crystal healing as this process allows the energy to shift in a way to be better utilized, transforming "bad" energy to neutral energy that can be shifted to "positive" energy. So this is an excellent stone for those of you who work with grumpy or tempestuous co-workers or customers or even if you are the one grumpy or tempestuous yourself! It is also par excellent with grounding static and EMF's from electronics. So if you sit at a computer all day, it will help tamp down these energies to make it less stressful to be at your desk. Just imagine how grating you would feel after sitting next to an audibly buzzing electric wire all day. Take that buzz to a sub-audible level and that's what vibes your electronics are giving off, making you feel just that much more edgy instead of calm and relaxed. So get some black tourmaline and keep it by your computer and take the bad vibes and turn it into something beautiful! There's a reason why Mother Nature made so much of it!


Roughly 180 grams


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