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rose quartz geode place 8 healing

Rose Quartz Geode

$ 140.00

ROSE QUARTZ GEODES have all the properties of a rose quartz's expression of unconditional love, as well as the added attribute of the geode's purpose of "looking within." Thus, this rose quartz geode wants you to look within yourself and understand the way you have not loved yourself and the many, many ways you can be kind to yourself and love yourself more. I use this crystal so often in crystal healing sessions, for we all need to be reminded that they quality of love we receive from others begins with the quality of love we give to ourselves.

ROSE QUARTZ GEODES are rare. My Argentinian miner says he has not been able to find any more of this geode.  The metaphysical potency of these stones is great, we have purchased the rest of the stock to have them here at Place 8 Healing to be able to have them for you.

Zoom in on the photo to see the beautiful caverns of beauty held within this stone. Let this one heal your heart by showing you how much love you are able to give to yourself.

Patagonia, Argentina

72 grams


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