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Shungite Sphere

$ 275.00

Shungite is a stone from Russia that contains fullerenes, an allotrope of carbon. The different allotrophic forms of carbon include graphite or diamonds, both carbon but behaving a totally different way because of the crystalline structure of the atoms. Fullerenes are a recent discovery of the form carbon can take. Named after Buckmeister Fuller because fullerenes look like the geodesic domes Fuller is so famous for, this form of carbon has amazing properties yet to be understood by science. One of the most amazing things about them is that because the shape of the atoms forms a shape just like a soccer ball, it allows molecules like water to enter into the center of itself. On the fame of the healing waters of Lake Onega, Russian Emperor Peter the Great built a thermal spa there and would go with his family to be treated by the waters that were infused by the shungite that surrounded it. Because the water was so famous for being so pure, healing, and invigorating, Peter the Great made an order by decree that each one of his soldiers was to carry a piece of shungite to disinfect and infuse their water flasks!

Science is still learning about this amazing form of carbon and I’m still learning about it too. What I have experienced is that it is a very powerful stone metaphysically. In the same way water can go into the middle of the ball of fullerene, so metaphysical energy is able to go within the center of the fullerene energy and get neutralized. In my case, I have used shungite for helping absorb negative energies, including negative energies from spooks, and negative EMF’s from your cell phone. 


662 grams (3" circumference)


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