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wavellite place 8 healing


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If you are experiencing hesitation in expressing your truest desires, especially in relation to things you want to manifest in your life, the WAVELLITE may just the right metaphysical stone for you. Wavellite deals with a combination of solar plexus energies of expression of feeling along with the navel chakra imbalances of manifestation. This combination of energies are related to self-confidence in one’s ability, and especially so with wavellite, the energy of airing the truest feeling of you are into the world. If you are instead suppressing your feelings because of your lack of self-confidence in your expression, then it will definitely affect what you manifest in life. 

As wavellite’s fine crystals grow, they start from a germ of a center outwards, radiating in all directions to create a  ball. It’s as if it’s expression can not be contained and must grow in all directions. The result may be small, but it is plentiful and extremely beautiful. And in a mass of these little spheres a beautiful composition occurs, like an Impressionist painting.

So if you have been finding that you haven’t been showing the world who you are because you are afraid to share your feelings or because you are feeling lack of self-confidence in yourself, then wavellite may be the stone to help you take baby steps and begin to show the world just how special you really are!


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