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Amazonite with Smoky Quartz

Amazonite with Smoky Quartz

$ 135.00

Do you find yourself not being able to keep commitments? Making promises that you can't keep? A tendency for being known as flaky? AMAZONITE is a "mean-what-you-say" and "say-what-you-mean" stone to align what you say to the truth of what you truly mean. There is always a more gentle and honest way to speak the truth so this stone can also help for those who do not say what they truly feel and thus suppress their own truth. It is basically a fear of conflict that motivates one to intend well but if one can not make agreements with integrity so will the universe mirror this back to you creating situations where "the universe" falls through for you. Thus, AMAZONITE will help you become closer to your own truth... which opens doors to your personal joy and satisfaction.

A beautiful piece of AMAZONITE with small smoky quartz crystals hugging all around. An incredibly charming mineral specimen.


202 grams

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