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Way north in the Russian Artic circle, close to the border of eastern Norway, comes this rare stone of encouragement and delight. Pictures in no way do this mineral justice-- for the blades of brassy astrophyllite shimmer and dance in the light like a mineral disco ball. The overall effect is stunning and gives off a feeling of emboldened cheer. And this cheer is what astrophyllite wants you to embody as your follow your bliss to manifest what you have so deeply wished for in the journey of your life.

If things have become arduous, it maybe is because you have lost sight of the fun present in this moment, on the path you are on right now. Perhaps you have gone through a lot and need a little oomph of energy and courage to help you continue moving forward despite all the obstacles that have been seemingly in your way. You’ve forgotten how much ingenuity and strength you have, and you have forgotten how the journey is supposed to be adventurous and fun. Astrophyllite wants to reconnect you to this understanding-- and to the joy of manifestation that is a natural result of your energies being in flow of Universe.


This is the last of my stock. I’m not sure I will be able to get more after these sell out. This version of astrophyllite is exceptionally beautiful and rare, from a very distant (and freezing cold!) location in the world. These specimens have been hand-picked by Azalea because they exhibit exceptional crystallization and energetic strength.  


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