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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

$ 375.00

BLACK TOURMALINE is one of the top three stones I recommend for everyone! One of the most important root chakra grounding stones, it is both piezo and pyroelectric developing a charge through squeezing or temperature change creating electromagnetic poles along the length of the stone in the process. This ability to polarize is significant to crystal healing as this process allows the energy to be transformed from negative energy to neutral or positive energy. So this becomes an excellent stone if you are around grumpy or tempestuous people or even if you are grumpy or tempestuous yourself!

BLACK TOURMALINE is also is par excellent with grounding negative EMF's from electronics. So if you sit at a computer all day, it will help tamp down these energies to make it less stressful to be at your desk. Plus if you have less-than-happy co-workers, it will help you recycle their energy into something positive as well!

Coming in at a whopping 1.66 pounds, these BLACK TOURMALINES from a specific part of Brazil are some of the most aesthetically beautiful black tourmalines I've seen. This piece is incredibly lustrous with glossy striations along the length and is naturally terminated at both ends. This would be a most amazing piece to keep as a trusted metaphysical companion for the rest of your life.


1.66 pounds


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