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Enhydro Agate

$ 135.00

Here was once a geode that filled with water. One day the geode closed up trapping the water inside of it. Millions of years later in a place that became known as Brazil, humans became enamored by these rocks that one could feel liquid swishing inside. With careful grinding and polishing one could get these agates to be transparent enough to see the water hiding inside... - I am a person who loves water! I am delightfully happy when I am able to be submersed in the energy of water... it feels like home to me. But in this lifetime and on this planet, I am a land lubber and often find myself missing the nourishment of being in water. - This is where ENHYDRO AGATE can help. If I find I haven't had much of a chance to spend time with water, I will work with my enhydro agate, often sleeping with it, to give me that water energy I am so nourished by. - So this stone is ideal for those of you who love and need water as much as I do. If you are a surfer or a beach girl and you just haven't had the time to be with the ocean or be in some sort of body of water, this stone will give that energetic support you are missing. This stone is also excellent for you water people who have to travel to land locked, waterless areas and start to feel cagey when you've been there too long without a big body of water to nourish you...


Sizeable piece. Needs flashlight or backlighting to see water inside. But when backlit beautiful more translucent wavy areas appear. Beautiful specimen.

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

4.4 ounces (2.5" x 1.75" x 1.5")


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