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Past Life Crystal Set

$ 50.00

These three stones are a triage of stones are used by crystal healer, Azalea Lee to discover past lives.

Acts as a "magnification" device to make visions sharper. Azalea describes it as zooming into visions as if you were using a microscope, or conversely zooming in from far away as if you were using a telescope.

One of Azalea's favorite stones to use to get connection to ancient past lives (as opposed to recent past lives.) This crystal has a strong affinity for ancient wisdom of great civilizations like Egypt and Atlantis.

Azalea's favorite stone to use to make the energetic link to tune into past lives. Selenite brings down strong crown chakra energies but is modulated by the hourglass movement within the crystal. Azalea's stone of choice to use when crystal healing clients want to see into past lives. This stone can no longer be mined as the place it comes from is now on goverment protected land. These pieces come from old stock and are limited.

Stones will vary in shape, size, and weight. LAPIS will be tumbled, minimum 14 grams. APOPHYLLYTE will be a cut tip, minimum 7 grams. HOURGLASS SELENITE will be a small specimen piece.

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