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Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow Hematite

$ 115.00

A natural coating of aluminum phosphate nanoparticles give this hematite its natural iridescence. Like other hematites, RAINBOW HEMATITE is a grounding stone but because it contains and resonates with all the colors of the spectrum it holds a much lighter and fluid grounding energy than other hematites. This energy is most useful for those who are overly focused on the “tragedies" of physical life and get mired in the false perspective that physical life is about enduring constant suffering. RAINBOW HEMATITE circulates joyous grounding energy through to the other chakras connecting this joyousness of physical life to all other aspects of being.  

We have some amazing pieces of RAINBOW HEMATITE from the now closed mine... including this beautiful, very iridescent piece. This piece is authentic Rainbow Hematite (as opposed to the uniform beads labeled with the same name that are manufactured.)

Minas Gerais, Brazil

26 grams


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