Dauphine Twin Smoky Quartz

$ 400
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SMOKY QUARTZ is the energetic battery charger for the physical body. It’s especially helpful for those that are dealing with challenges of the physical body, who are wanting to be in stronger, more vibrant health.

 These DAUPHINE TWIN SMOKY QUARTZ from Malawi are a far more intense version of smoky quartz. Compared to other smoky quartzes, their energy is more purifying and forceful. (It makes me sweaty to hold them!) This version of smoky quartz would be extremely energetically supportive of those who have been dealing with chronic conditions, like for example, those that have had illnesses that have impaired their energy levels.

This crystal wants to help you bust through whatever health plateau that has long been stagnating you. 

These crystals are incredibly hard to photograph. Due to the inner physical complexity of these crystals, these photographs unfortunately do not capture the nuance and intense beauty of these crystals. Whatever impression you get from the photos, know that they are far more stunning and impressive in person. 

The specimens available have all been hand-picked to be of exceptional physical and metaphysical quality and have been priced accordingly.

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