Crystal Testimonials

As a longtime practitioner of animal communication and energy healing modalities, I have used crystals in many capacities to enhance the experience for my clients. My experience with crystals was rather hit or miss - sometimes I'd feel their vibration, sometimes not. I've had this large collection and ended up only using a few of them. Since I didn't have any formal crystal training, I bought Azalea's book The Crystal Workshop and learned so much, including how to select high vibrational crystals. I started working with two of her crystals on myself and was amazed at how quickly they shifted my own energy into a healed state. After a few weeks of working with those crystals daily, I felt guided to get another one, and then another one. At this point, I have about 10 crystals from Azalea and Place 8 Healing, and every single one of them is powerful. It makes a world of difference to purchase the carefully mined, high quality crystals that she offers. She does the work of finding the best ones from her sources, saving clients all the effort of hunting them down, and giving peace of mind that every crystal she offers is powerful. This is the difference between purchasing crystals from an experienced crystal healer and just your average crystal vendor who knows what the stone is but doesn't practice crystal healing.

Jonquil Williams
Animal Communicator / Reiki Master

As an Integrative Healer, I incorporate many paradigms, modalities and tools into healing sessions with my clients. Crystals and crystal energies often play an active role in these sessions because they have the ability to impart new awareness, levity, joy and relief to a client’s immediate experience. Crystals from Place 8 Healing are like no other. Simply put, they are the highest vibrational crystals I have ever worked with. Azalea hand selects each specimen carefully and diligently for a myriad of reasons, including ethical mining practices and caretaking practices of the crystals once they’ve been lifted from Earth; all of which directly influence and effect the way crystals energetically and vibrationally feel the minute you begin working with them.

Christina Reyes

I received my first crystal from Azalea at the Echo Park Craft Fair. She tuned into me with such clarity, and the specific piece I got felt like it was for me the moment I saw it.

Over the past six years I have collected several more specimens through her via Place 8 Healing, both in person and online. Each of these crystals feels incredibly alive, introducing themselves clearly and ready to be of service - something I rarely encounter in crystals from crystal shops. No matter how beautifully curated, I tend to find other places that specialize in crystals to be overwhelming and confusing energetically.

Azalea is one of just a few people whom I trust to purchase crystals from. She is in the highest integrity as a steward, and cares for the pieces she offer so that each crystal's frequency is easily discerned. I have even come into resonance with a few special pieces from Azalea before they actually arrived at my door! I am grateful to work with and be known by such potent crystals.

Erika Pahk

A little bit about me for context – I work in the intuitive field as a full-time professional animal communicator. I am also a Highly Sensitive Person, which heightens my ability to feel and sense things in the world.

I have always been drawn to crystals. My family used to go crystal hunting when I was a child and I have a really early memory of owning a quartz crystal point. But I never really thought to use crystals in my life as helpers and tools until I really started on my spiritual journey. Like many people I was drawn to crystals and would read books about what to get for this and what to use for that. I quickly gained quite a big crystal collection, learning more and more along the way.

I definitely thought crystals would help my life, but I never put my energy or thoughts too deeply into that aspect. I got them because they were pretty and it was said they would help. So why not?

Many years later Azalea reached out to me to do a communication session with her animals. During that time, she intuitively recommended a crystal specifically for me to use. It was funny because I had owned this crystal, it sat on my shelf, but I had never done anything with it. But after my conversation with Azalea, I put it under my pillow and for over a year it remained there. Then my life with crystals began to really change.

I actually started to feel their energy more specifically and suddenly I felt like a whole new crystal world had opened. It was like I had “levelled up” a crystal stage-- like going from a place of being a real beginner into a more intermediate place with crystals. I quickly realized that many of the crystals I had already owned felt dull or didn’t resonate fully with me. I learnt that crystals are individual, and based on where they come from, who is selling them, how they are mined, and more importantly, how they are handled throughout that process REALLY makes a big tangible difference that I could actually feel in the crystal itself. I begun intuitively hunting down crystals-- not that looked the prettiest, or were the cheapest, or what some book said I needed for some reason, but were the strongest feeling to me, and that lit up my intuitive radar so to speak. Even though I already had the exact same crystals, I purchased an Essential Three crystal set from Azalea’s shop because I just didn’t seem to be getting much out of the ones I had in my collection. Even just from looking at the pictures, everything Azalea had for sale felt so strong to me. It was no surprise that the crystals I received were amazing. They felt so “fresh” and vibrant. They were some of the strongest crystals I had in my collection then and even now as I write this one from that original set is sitting right next to me as I type. I literally use them daily in my life.

Obviously my crystal hunt led me into many metaphysical crystal type shops. But in handling them, the crystals felt dull. Most were dinged up or slightly damaged, and the tumbled and polished stones looked shiny to the appearance, but-- I have no better way to put-- it lacked energetic shine. In my initial excitement delving deeper into this new (to me) crystal world, I would buy a crystal or two from these shops. Fast forward a few years and none of these dull crystals remain in my collection. Even with my best efforts to cleanse and recharge them, they just didn’t have the same energetic punch. I returned them to the earth or gave them to friends who wanted to give them a loving home It was a financial and time consuming endeavour, but I sure learnt a lot!!

I don’t honestly know how she does it, but the radiance of what Azalea offers for sale is next to none. There is a real tangible difference to her crystals. And finally only after getting some REAL powerful crystals in my life, have I felt such big shifts of energy. You can see in the physical quality of the crystal itself, there are no chips or dings or the normal obvious signs of rough handling you always see from the common metaphysical stores. They would be right at home in the big crystal shows and museum displays. And this was a big tick for the inner perfectionist in me!

Shopping online is even more tricky. There is so much competition out there and photos can be edited so much. In all my years searching and buying crystals, I have only found a very small handful of reputable online sellers who have crystals still full of their original powerful energy. Azalea’s crystals of course are top of that list, and rightfully so.

My recommendation is to buy one really good crystal that you can work with more intimately, rather than a heap of dull, cheap ones because they won’t have the same impact on your life as that one special one will. Hopefully you can learn a little from my mistakes!! Many crystal blessings to you!

George Wright
Animal Communicator