At Place 8 Healing we bring you the most beautiful crystals in every price category; from tumbled stones to the high-end collector mineral specimens. Each stone is chosen for its sculptural aesthetics and specimen quality. Unlike many stones sold in the metaphysical market, our crystals have not been artificially treated with heat, dye, or coatings to make them more attractive.


Many of our crystals are of collectable quality, meaning they are valuable in the mineral collectors market and can rise in value over time. Collector quality specimens are carefully mined to prevent chipping and other damage caused from rough handling of the stones. This preserves the quality of the specimen and its collectable value. Though this is not essential to the metaphysical properties of the stones we find collector quality crystals more metaphysically resonant than crystals that have been poorly handled. Locality information is provided for our rare and collectable mineral specimens.


Every single one of the crystals at Place 8 Healing has been hand selected for their individual metaphysical vibrance by Azalea Lee. She not only intuitively channels the properties of the crystals but corroborates research of a stone's properties with her professional work as a crystal healer. Because there are new pockets of crystals being discovered every year, there are many stones so new and rare that little has been published about their metaphysical properties. In using these stones in crystal healing sessions with many clients Azalea is able to see deeper levels of a stone’s properties and freely shares what she has learned through her writings.


Because basic crystals are so readily available, Place 8 Healing focuses on the more rare and specialized metaphysical crystals for the serious crystal student. Our selection of stones are intended for crystal lovers who are dedicated to advancing their understanding of crystals and their healing properties. Our mission is to provide these very special crystals to you to be assistance to you on your ongoing journey of light.