"Musical" Amethyst

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Amethyst is a stone that helps one connect to and amplify the frequency of the spiritual worlds, helping one open up to hear, see, and feel what is happening in the non-physical dimensions of reality. In helping you be aware of these energies, amethyst’s third eye resonance also helps one to connect to ideas and concepts that do not yet exist in the physical dimension so that you may bring them into material reality. This makes amethyst an ideal stone for facilitating creative inspiration. 

But in particular these incredible crystals I dub “Musical” Amethysts because of how especially they are tuned to music. Like little metaphysical radios, “music” energetically comes through them, but in many layers at the same time. But when one sits down and tunes into them, one of the “melodies” will come forward into focus. And suddenly one can hear music!


In all the years that I have been working with crystals, this is only the second time that I have come across crystals like this.

I am not a songwriter or practicing musician, but in holding one of these crystals I felt a song coming from within me that I was compelled to hum. It was a song I wrote from another lifetime. This crystal helped me to reconnect to it.

Thus, these crystals are ideal for composers, songwriters, musicians, and poets. But someone who is delving into their past lives might resonate working with this crystal too, as the “music” and sounds they hear would give them clues to the time and place they are connecting to.

For anyone who wants to work with these crystals, I suggest meditating in a quiet place so that you can more easily hear the “music” and allow it to come into focus. The way you experience the music will be different for everyone. Some will “hear” the melody, others may sense the vibrations of the kind of instrument the song is played through, and some will “feel” how the music sounds. A melody may not all come all at once, but bits and fragments may come forward-- and perhaps that’s all you need to help write your song.

These photos do not do justice to how truly beautiful these crystals are! These  crystals from Chibuku, Zimbabwe are a combination of smoky quartz with amethyst, with elestial growth. They are incredibly and deeply enchanting to look at in person.

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