Shungite Sphere

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Shungite is an absorptive stone. It powerfully sucks in energies and neutralizes them. 

This crystal would be ideal for someone who is living in quarantine with someone whose energies are on the "loud" side. If you are living with a person (or persons) that take up a lot of energetic space, try working with shungite to mitigate and soften their energies. Think of shungite as the energetic equivalent to an air filter. Shungite will help to "filter out" the energies around you so you can have more energetic space for yourself. 

This form of shungite is known as Black Shungite and is the more commonly found form of shungite found, containing anywhere between 30-64% carbon. Elite/noble shungite is considered the more potent form of shungite. But black shungite still works powerfully though, and this sphere shape will better help the healing energy expand in all directions. 

Due to it being a unique piece of natural art from Mother Earth, your crystal will vary slightly in shape, size, and actual weight. But the approximate size is 1.6" and 84 grams. 

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