Pyrite Sphere

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Pyrite is a navel manifestation stone, but also holds intense grounding energy because of its iron content. Pyrite holds a strong masculine energy which manifests in the energy of outward movement and outward accomplishment. The interplay between manifestation and grounding energies along with the yang energetic thrust results in a mineral that has energies that support the manifestation of ideas into the physical plane.

When a mineral is shaped into a sphere, it directs the crystal’s energy to be sent omnidirectionally. Thus, this pyrite sphere is shaped that it will send it’s energy in all directions too. This makes this pyrite sphere ideal for placing in a room where it would be beneficial for pyrite manifestation energy to be dispersed into an entire space. And with this sphere weighing a whopping 6.31 pounds, this pyrite sphere is significantly larger than the pyrite spheres you will are likely to find. (Honestly, it was like we were trying to lift and hold a kettlebell up for the photos!) And as always, I also chose it because it was a stunning piece to look at, a real sculptural beauty. This sphere would be a spectacular centerpiece for someone’s office.

Diameter 4.75" - 6.31 lbs

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