Tectonic Quartz

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The unusual shape of these crystals is a result of quartz’s interactions with calcite during its growth. Calcite grows around the quartz, condensing the space the quartz has to grow. Later, the calcite dissolves away, leaving more space for the quartz to continue to develop. Like the tides of the ocean (but on a much slower geologic timescale) this ebb and flow of calcite growing into and dissolving away from the quartz changes the boundaries in which the quartz can grow. Although jagged and interrupted, these quartzes still grow, determined to manifest themselves  physically regardless of circumstances. 

These crystals are ultra powerful resonators of tenacity and persistence.

It’s very interesting that these crystals’ growth has been altered by their dance with calcite, for calcite is the crystal that is about reformatting skewed energetic beliefs. Alone, calcite supports helping one dump old concepts that are no longer useful. But in its interaction with quartz, calcite becomes both a challenger and unexpected ally, by resonating with energy that helps one to continually reevaluate and clarify one’s beliefs.

If you feel like the push and pull of circumstances in your life has made it difficult to work toward your goals, then consider working with this crystal. This quartz will remind you that no matter what obstacle or challenge you encounter, the energetic blueprint of what you are moving toward can not be erased, no matter the circumstances.  

This is a very resonant crystal for these times as the world cycles through what seems like constant setbacks. These crystals will keep moving forward into being, no matter what the circumstances. There is a very hopeful and optimistic energy to their tenaciousness. This is a great crystal to inspire you to keep going and not give up your dreams.

Work with it for yourself, or work with its energy to help groups overcome discouraging challenges and obstacles.

Locality: Dalnegorsk, Russia

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