Manganoan Calcite

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The pillowy softness of manganoan calcite radiates with vibrations of nurturing and love. This is a crystal for those who have difficulty allowing others to love them. Manganoan calcite can help you relax and rest your heart so that you may be open to receive the love you truly deserve. These photos are unable to capture the delicate and soul-soothing inner glow that beams out of these deeply heart healing crystals.

Manganoan calcite teaches you that you can not love others from an empty cup. There are many who have no problems giving love-- but are not so adept at allowing others to love them back. This one-sided imbalance of energy can be seen in a variety of ways, most distinctly with mothers who have become so absorbed with taking care of their families that they have little or no energy for self-care and nurturing for themselves.

Mothering requires a lot of energy, particularly when the child is an infant. However, I often observe mothers continuing to take care of everything even as their children become older and more independent. Even when mothers are able to reclaim more time and energy, they are so absorbed in the role of mothering, that they do not know who they are outside of it. They have become so focused on taking care of others, that they have forgotten what makes them feel loved and nurtured. Self-care is something that is putt off to “later.” But later never comes because every spare moment of energy has been given to someone or something else.

When mothers give and give and give without refilling their own coffers it creates a detrimental energetic balance. This is the energetic connection behind breast cancers, as the breasts-- the symbolic givers of nourishment-- need a source of energy, and will compensate by overproducing their own cells if there is nothing else to replenish them. Thus, if one is prone to breast cancer, it is important to pay attention to any habits of giving without receiving. If one does, manganoan calcite can help heal this energetic trait by teaching how to circulate love.

Manganoan calcite is also wonderful for singles who have had a history of giving more love than their partners, and want to avoid further imbalanced relationships. I also recommend this crystal for children and teens to help their heart chakras remain open and secure while maintaining their sweet sensitivity. 

This type of manganoan calcite from Manaoshan, China forms in stacks of elongated pyramids, with many of the points topped with a “cap”. This recalls an energy of stacking growth reaching a pinnacle of achievement. This energetically resonates with one reaching their highest potential in the goal of loving and encouraging one’s self.

Are you needing nurturing and loving? Are you trying to control the kind of love coming to you by always being on the offensive with love-- constantly giving it out in a way that nobody can return it? Are you yearning for others to be aware of your needs? Do you allow others to love and care for you, or are you having them jump through hoops to get to your heart? Or are you having to jump through hoops just to love yourself?

Manganoan calcite wants to show you that you truly deserve to be loved and supported.

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