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Rhodochrosite is the stone for inner-child healing.

As children we come into the world soft and vulnerable, and in small and big ways, get hurt by the people who are around us. Over time we become more aware of the complexities of life’s situations and shift into adulthood by weighing and analyzing all the factors that go into a situation. This shift into adulthood often distances us from our childhood pains by burying our wounds under layers of thoughts, and we can lose connection to the true source of our pain. But there is help. Rhodochrosite can support one in facing their wounds at their deepest level so that they may be healed.

What is needed to heal one’s pain is courage. The word courage comes from the Latin root cor, which means “heart”. It takes heart to have courage, and rhodochrosite energetically reinforces the heart so one has all the resilience needed to confront one’s pain and heal it. Healing these wounds transforms them into one’s greatest treasures of strength.

These rhodochrosites from Colorado have a soft pink hue, and are flecked with pyrite which supports manifestation energies. Thus, these crystals support inner child healing, as well as supporting manifestation that has been hampered by childhood wounds.

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