Pink Rhomboid Calcite

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Over the course of one’s life, ideas and concepts are collected to construct a belief system that is used to guide ourselves. If fear or logic alone is used to determine which concepts we believe in, then unhealthy ideas devoid of emotional or spiritual balance are inadvertently added to our belief system. This causes a distorted perspective that is then implemented and acted upon, with unsatisfying results.

Enter calcite who is all about reformatting energy, especially around ideas and concepts. While one may have an accurate general understanding about a topic, it’s what’s in the details that gets skewed. Calcite is the perfect crystal to support dumping old, unhelpful concepts and bringing in new, helpful ones. 

PINK RHOMBOID CALCITE is a star when it comes to helping reformat concepts about human love. I often recommend this specific type of calcite for those who are seeking to reconfigure their beliefs about romantic partnerships, but I’ve also recommended it for those who need to reconfigure their beliefs about themselves. We all have subconsciously absorbed the ways our parent’s gave-- or more likely-- didn’t give love to themselves. And what has been built upon these ideas are perspectives that need the kind of reformatting that pink rhomboid calcite can provide. 

Unlike many rhomboid calcites that are available, these specimens are completely natural and have not been polished or altered in any way. Polishing rhomboid calcites may make them look more “finished” but it alters their healing energy detrimentally. I am very pleased to be able to share these natural, uncut specimens with you. They all have their own distinct personalities with their variations of rhomboid shapes, hues of pink, and even their natural ombrés of color.  

If you are interested in one of these crystals, I recommend choosing the one you are most immediately drawn to.

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