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No one makes it out of childhood without hurting and without the wounds that create the foundation in which the rest of our lives play out.  Our whole purpose in life is to heal, and to heal deeply, so much so that the wounds become our foundations of strength. That which was crippling becomes that which champions us, helping us to be even more fulfilled and more deeply enriched than we had ever been before.

It can be a long journey, but as long as you do your best not to resist the path placed before you, you will grow greater and stronger  than you could have ever dreamed.

This very gemmy rhodochrosite from Wuton, China is flecked with pyrite throughout. The combination of inner child healing energies of rhodochrosite works in conjunction with the pyrite whose energies deals with the manifestation of life’s goals. So for those of you who are having trouble manifesting that which you want most to be created physically in your life, you may want to take a look at the roots of your manifestation challenges and how they are connected to an inner child that first needs to be deeply healed before it can manifest its deepest dreams.

This specific type of rhodochrosite will no longer be available as a housing complex has been built over the mine. I managed to get some of the last pieces coming from the mine, including the ones available in this drop.
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