"Sparkly" Hematite

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| If you are working with other crystals but not working with HEMATITE, you are short-changing yourself!!!

No stone is more elemental in helping you energetically ground than hematite! 

HEMATITE will intensify the power of any crystal you work with by strengthening your grounding energies, helping you to have a foundation with greater balance and support while working with energies of other crystals.  

If I could only give you only one piece of advice about working with crystals, it would be to work with hematite!


Though I recommend BOTRYOIDAL HEMATITE as the best all-around version of HEMATITE to use, some may feel that they want a more "animated" and compelling version of hematite to begin working with to get their feet wet with its special energy. 

If so, I recommend "SPARKLY" HEMATITE, the more outwardly boisterous variety in the hematite family.


There is no better way to describe these hematite's from Michigan other than "sparkly" because they glitter so!

Due to it being a unique piece of natural art from Mother Earth, your crystal will vary in shape, size, and actual weight. Sample dimensions and weights are as follows:
  • WEIGHT: 6.2 -14 ounces, average 9.2 ounces
  • SAMPLE DIMENSIONS: 4.25" x 2.25" x 1"


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