Black Tourmaline (Australia)

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BLACK TOURMALINE is one of the most valuable stones to have in your crystal kit. It helps balance energies, notably by recycling negative energies into positive energies. It basically can help turn any energetic crap in your life into nourishing, healing energetic compost!

Crystal healer, Azalea Lee calls it one of the “Essential Three” stones to have because of it’s usefulness and versatility. Of all the crystals you have, black tourmaline (along with hematite and rose quartz) will be likely the most frequently used stones in your crystal kit.


These stones are from Australia, a relatively uncommon locality (as compared to Brazil. They are similar in energy to the black tourmaline that we have from China, which is also more solidly shaped and built (rather than the versions from Brazil that are prone to shedding.) This makes Australian black tourmalines ideal for working with, as they are ideal to be used in applications such as sleeping with them.

And these specimens are huge! While the axiom "bigger is better" doesn't apply to most crystals, with black tourmaline it does. Black tourmaline works very hard for their people helping them to process energy. It's a stone that can get worn out from overuse. Having a larger size allows it to process more energy without it needing to be cleansed as often as a smaller stone.


Also available, are Australian black tourmalines sorted by size.
Due to the unique nature of crystals, yours may look different than the crystals pictured. However, they will be approximately the average weight listed below.

LARGE: 241 grams
MEDIUM: 200 grams
SMALL: 131 grams

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