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Like a slow burble rising from within a thick liquid, marekanite metaphysically resonates with allowing things that need to be cut from one’s life to be gently purged in a concise and paced way. Found as spherules surrounded in a matrix of perlite, marekanite seems to be cradled within the perlite, sometimes hidden within until enough perlite is sloughed away to reveal the obsidian within.

The perlite matrix energetically helps one shed and reveal what needs to be resolved next. Additionally, perlite has an absorptive quality to it, as it is used as a filtration material. Perlite also has an absorptive quality metaphysically. This makes these specimens an ideal stone to work with if you want to remove energies slowly and in a steady way. It can be a great type of obsidian to work with if you want to cut things more gently out of your life bit by bit.


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