Ilumine flower essence

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Allowing the light of understanding to transform discouragement and depression


  • A baseline remedy for all states of depression; providing alchemical integration of light and shadow aspects in the soul identity
  • For any life crisis or loss, resulting in prolonged despondency and lacking positive outlook toward the future
  • For Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or any disturbance in emotional well-being, sleep or eating, related to changes in light and warmth
  • For pronounced tendencies in the family of origin or family tree toward depression and despondency; proactive steps on the part of the soul to transform the predisposition for depression
  • Beneficial for animals who may live around depressive caretakers or similar joyless environments; or exhibit signs of seasonal despondency
  •  For depression following any health crisis such as post-partum depression, drug rehabilitation or major surgery; alternate with Magenta Self-Healer


  • Mustard – Assisting the soul to find dynamic equilibrium between levity and depth; genuine movement and soul development by integrating sorrow and joy into greater wholeness
  • St. John’s Wort – Helping to build and fortify the light structures of the soul; providing greater cohesion and protection when there is a tendency toward disconnection or disassociation between the body, soul and spirit
  • Borage – Bringing greater upliftment and levity for the heart during times of depression or discouragement; buoyancy that helps the soul rise above drenching and deflating emotions
  • Explorer’s Gentian – Helping the soul to welcome change and transition even when challenging; allowing life crisis to become a new opportunity for life purpose.
  • Pine – Ability to transcend self-doubt, blame or morose pre-occupation with one’s past failures; inner freedom from paralysis through renewed insight and recognition of one’s future potential
  • Essential Oils: Bergamot, Pine, Orange
  • Organic grape alcohol 


"I seriously cannot say how much I appreciate Illumine and how amazing it has been in my life. I have suffered from depression my entire life and it has really helped. I went through one bottle and thought I was okay, but recent stress led me to a bad time. I just went to get another bottle, and a few hours later I feel so much better. THANK YOU" A.S. - USA        

"I love the Illumine formula! We recently had a training here and one of our gals had post-partum blues. She was given a free sample of the Illumine and it worked for her! It worked for me, too—I've been trying to sell my house and find the right new home...I've been very discouraged! I tried the Illumine formula and after the first day, using it 3-5 times, I noticed a positive shift. I'm a naturopath, so I know things don't change that quickly on a deep level, so I continued to use it three times daily over the next four days; I felt better!" Nancy Long, Harmony Farms - Raleigh, NC

Directions: Pump three sprays in the mouth or mist around the head. 

1 ounce spray 

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