Calcite Points

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Over the course of our lives, ideas and concepts are collected to construct a belief system that we use to guide ourselves. If fear or logic alone is used to determine which concepts we believe in, then unhealthy ideas devoid of emotional or spiritual balance are inadvertently added to our belief system. This causes a distorted perspective that is then implemented and acted upon, with unsatisfying results.

Enter CALCITE who is all about reformatting energy, especially around ideas and concepts. While one may have an accurate general understanding about a topic, it’s the details that get skewed. CALCITE is the perfect crystal to support dumping old, unhelpful concepts and bringing in new, helpful ones.

CALCITE is a crystal that comes in many different shapes, but these conically shaped rods are another expression that is more “directed” than other calcites.

You can use them in the same manner as quartz points, directing them to or from another crystal to create a compounded energy. For example, you could use pair these calcite points with rose quartz to help you reformat your understanding about love. Or you could pair them with pyrite to help you reformat your understanding of manifestation. Also, because they are more “pointed” than the many of other forms of calcite, they are ideal for use in crystal grids for moving energy in a specific directional way, toward or from a particular crystal.

These points were procured a very long time ago and it is very unlikely that I will ever find them again. So if you are especially drawn to these crystals, be aware of this.


Due to it being a unique piece of natural art from Mother Earth, your crystal will vary in shape, size, and actual weight. Sample dimensions and weights are following:

Sold individually / Price is per crystal

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