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ANTHRACITE is known as the most compact, hardest grade of coal.

I personally loooooove working with this crystal. Though on the surface it may appear to be a root chakra stone, it’s actually a really amazing crown chakra stone.

Like shungite, ANTHRACITE consists of a high percentage of carbon. But unlike shungite, anthracite is a true crystal. And whereas shungite has an absorptive quality to it, anthracite has a defuzzing quality.

Think of it as one of those pill shavers you use to take off the pills off your sweaters. If you are an active mind like mine, your crown chakra will produce a lot of staticky energy as it turns over and solves problems. Like wiping away the eraser shavings on a paper, anthracite will clarify and smooth out the energy you have in your mind, creating a soothed feeling.

If you’re staying mentally very busy, this stone can be very useful to you in helping you modulate your energies. It can be challenging being indoors, creating a lot of active thoughts, having this mind energy continuing to linger within your home. Anthracite would help mitigate this energy by “defuzzing” the mental static so that you can create a space that is more conducive for your mind to chill out.


Being that your stone is a unique piece of natural art from Mother Earth, it will vary in exact shape, size, and actual weight. Sample dimension and weight of this anthracite is following: 

  • Small: 1.6 x 1.5 x 1.0 inches, 22.5 grams
  • Large: 4.8 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches, 6.2 ounces

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