Ani-Mates flower essence gift set

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The Ani-Mates Gift Set is the perfect choice for your animal friends, or your friends with animals.

Many people first discover the benefits of flower essences when using them with their pets. Animals typically respond quickly and dramatically to the nuturing energies of the essences. This gift package of the two most important flower essence formulas has been created to help stabilize, calm and ground our precious animal companions. Each set of the two spray bottles is handsomely packaged in a purple box with instructions for basic use of both remedies. The Animal Relief Formula™, developed by animal practitioner Teresa Wagner for use in animal rescue shelters, is calming and comforting for animals in transition, trauma or rehabilitation. The Five-Flower Formula™ is our version of Dr. Bach’s famous emergency formula for rescue and relief. This all-purpose formula provides immediate stabilization. It is an amazing de-stressor and all-around harmonizing remedy for animals who are traveling, for changes in the household or care-taking relationships and much, much more.

The Five-Flower Formula, the "rescue" formula of Dr. Bach, is famous for immediate relief for animals, as well as people, in any emergency or traumatic situation.

The Animal Relief Formula was originally developed to help animals in rescue shelters recover from trauma. It is now used for pets and other animal companions for stresses and upsets. This gift set is perfect for animal lovers who may be new to flowers essences, as people often discover the benefits of flower essences after seeing the amazing effects on their animal companions. Animals typically respond quickly and dramatically to the nurturing energies of the essences.

*Set comes in a gift box with informational pamphlet detailing the different formulas and the different suggested ways they may be used to gain healing benefit from them.

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